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I am a SIP investor of Rs 5000/month since 2019 and want to grow my
wealth further. Therefore, I am planning to invest an additional Rs.5,000.
Kindly, advise which shares should I purchase for strong growth in the
next 5 years. – Venkat Raj Kumar

Valuations of sectors like private Bank, Pharma, and Chemical are reasonable
on a long-term basis. FMCG valuation though expensive, have a good outlook
over the long term. You may consider investing in these quality stocks in these
sectors. You can also refer Geojit’s Equity Model Portfolio and Stock
Recommendations published in Geojit Insights every month.
Earlier, IT stocks were considered an inflation-free sector.

N ow with US going into recession, which are the sectors which are not much affected
by inflation. – Srinivas Bhat

We believe the IT sector has not been impacted much by inflation. You may
want to consider the sectors which are expected to be least impacted by inflation
and yield rise, like pharma, telecom, metals, etc. However, we are not positive
on metals right now.

Can I invest in bonds in the present market condition instead more SIP
for diversification and to get fixed higher returns? – Sathish Jayaram

Both Bonds and Equity SIPs are entirely different investment avenues having
different features in terms of risk, return etc. If you want to get fixed return for
longer period, then you may invest in bond. You may choose higher rated bond
for investment in the current scenario.

For regular income, which are better options for senior citizens – Mutual
funds or bank deposits? – Prabhat Jindal

Mutual funds and bank deposits are totally different types of investment products.
Equity mutual funds carries high risk compared to bank deposits but the chance
to get higher returns are more in mutual funds. But bank deposits provide assured
return during the investment period. Increasing the allocation towards mutual
fund purely depends on your risk appetite and existing financial conditions.
Pradhan Mantri Vaya Vandana Yojana (PMVVY) and Senior Citizen Savings
Scheme (SCSS) are two investment plans introduced by the Government of
India exclusively for senior citizens. These investments are currently providing
7.40% interest rates and interest is paid on a monthly and quarterly basis,

schemes in all categories. You may please refer the magazine to get the details
of mid and small cap mutual funds for investments.

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