Ask our experts – October 2023

Investment queries

I am 58 years old and currently employed at the airport and my monthly salary averages Rs 5 lakhs. Please advise me on which scheme I should invest in for a good retirement corpus. Thank you for your kind advice.
– Jaisankar
The duration you wish to invest, your risk taking ability and present investments are vital information that will help us offer you a customised plan. In the absence of the same, we assume that you will be investing for 5+ years, below are the suggested categories and schemes.
You can still consult your advisor to further finetune the suitability and allocation.

I am 23 years old MBA graduate looking for a job. I would like to start a Shariah compliant SIP in mutual fund. I can currently invest Rs 1000 in the same and would like to increase it with time. Can you suggest a mutual fund for me? – Safa Irfan

Tata Ethical Fund and Taurus Ethical Fund are the Shariah-compliant mutual funds available at present. On the passive funds side, there is Nippon India Nifty 50 Shariah BeES ETF, which is an exchange-traded fund.

I have small investment in FISCFGP within 2 years appreciation is 100%. That MF is not appear in the list of high-appreciating MFs. Why? Is it a good MF to invest in? – Alex Mathew

Usually, schemes should be displayed based on the selection of parameters. But it would be difficult to comment why a scheme is not appearing in a particular list, without knowing the reference portals and/or other filter parameters.

Now I am 60 years old and have Rs 20 lakhs to invest for my retirement life. I want to invest Rs 18 lakhs in a good hybrid fund and opt for SWP. Could you suggest best three funds in this sector? How much money I can withdraw monthly from this? Please suggest a best flexi cap fund to invest Rs 20 lakhs. – Jayapal, Kakkanad
Though SWP is an allowed option, you can think of opting for a conservative
payout ranging from 8% to 9% on a per-annum basis. Since you have specifically asked for Hybrid funds, you can consider Conservative hybrid or Equity Savings category, though at present, we do not have recommended schemes in this category.

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