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Mutual fund investment platform

There are hundreds of mutual funds from leading fund houses, covering a range of investment objectives, philosophies, asset classes, and risk exposure. This can be confusing for investors, just why Geojit’s Investment Advisory Team, every month shares their mutual fund recommendations which can help you build a portfolio suited for your needs. 

And to make investing in mutual funds simple and hassle free, we offer you FundsGenie – Geojit’s online mutual fund platform.

FundsGenie provides you with a user friendly, clutter-free experience. It also comes with tools and resources that help you choose funds that match your objectives.

Q: How is the Geojit FundsGenie different from other platforms?

A: Some of the distinctive features that make the Geojit FundsGenie different from other platforms are:

a) 100% paperless.

b) Instant KYC validation using PAN.

c) Start investing immediately after completing profile.

d) Sell physical MF units brought through any other platform/distributor.

e) Invest in both demat and non-demat (physical) mode in mutual funds

f) Geojit recommended mutual funds available for new investors

Q: Will I be able to view the performance of any particular fund I want to invest in?

A: You may use the ‘Fund Search’ feature (at the top of the screen in Web version and Search Icon in Android app) which allows you to search for any specific fund you are looking for. All-important parameters like return %, AUM, fund rating, exit load, sector allocation etc. are available for the selected funds.

Q: I want to save ‘TAX’. What should I do?

A: Our ‘Tax Calculator’ feature under ‘Investment Calculator’ in web version, calculates your total eligible taxable amount that you can invest in Tax Saving funds. You can explore best Tax Saver MF schemes in “Build Wealth -> Tax Saver card in the top” and invest in them.

Q: I have started a SIP. Through FundsGenie, will I be able to find out how much money I can expect after 2 years?

A: You can use ‘SIP calculator’ feature to get a clear picture of how much your funds can grow over a period. However, mutual fund investments are subject to market risks and returns cannot be guaranteed.

Q: How do I track the performance of a select group of funds through FundsGenie?

A: You can add the funds to your “Watchlist” and track their performance. The Watchlist option is available in the left menu pane.

Q: What are the modes of payment available in FundsGenie?

A: Net-banking, NEFT/RTGS and UPI modes are available to make payment for purchase orders placed via FundsGenie. Additionally, payment mail received from BSE Star exchange can also be used for payment for payment mode like One-Time Mandate and bulk payment for multiple orders.

Q: The mandate linked to my SIP is not approved. How can I create new mandate from FundsGenie?

A: From FundsGenie -> Mandate -> Mandate Creation section, new mandate can be created and authenticated from Mandate Report section. Status of the mandate will become “Approved” after bank also approves the same after authentication by investor. Such approved mandate can be linked to existing SIP if needed, via Customer Care team or via Geojit branch.

Q: Through FundsGenie will I be able to learn more about mutual funds?

A: There is a dedicated section called ‘M-cyclopedia’ where you can learn the basics of mutual funds and Systematic Investment Plans.

Q: Is there any way by which I can track my mutual fund investment performance in FundsGenie?

A: ‘My Portfolio’ section helps you to track your investments on a regular basis.

Q: I have never invested in any mutual funds. Are there any tools in FundsGenie to know the returns I would have got if I had invested earlier?

A: You can use our ‘Wealth Simulator’ feature under ‘Investment Calculator’ section to find how much money you could have made if you had invested earlier.

Q: Where can I find my mutual fund units which I bought through Geojit?

A: The ‘My Portfolio’ section gives the complete details of all your mutual fund investments through Geojit.

Q: How can I see all of my transactions in mutual funds for a time period in FundsGenie?

A: The ‘Transactions’ section will give all the mutual fund transaction details made through Geojit.

Q: Where can I see the orders which I have placed for the day in FundsGenie?

A: The order details can be viewed under Right Top Menu –> My Orders. Orders will be shown as “Pending” if the orders were successfully sent to exchange. The processing status will be available in “Transaction” section of FundsGenie if successfully validated by RTA from T+2 business day onwards.

Portfolio Analyser: Shows break-up of the portfolio sector and security wise.

Q: In case of any query, how do I reach out to Geojit?

A: For all queries, clients can raise ticket in FundsGenie itself through “Support” module. Additionally, clients can mail to or call us at our helpline numbers 1800-103-5501/1800-425-5501 (toll free) and 0484 4114306 (domestic and international).

Q: How can I access FundsGenie through my smartphone?

A: FundsGenie is available in both android and iOS versions.

MCyclopedia: Know more about mutual funds and related terminologies.

Investment Calculator: Get better estimates of the growth of your investments and eligible tax amounts using our investment calculators

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